Since the borders have opened, China is once again welcoming travelers for the first time in three years. And, when it comes to business travel, the preparation for the trip can sometimes turn out to be overwhelming. Business travelers are often extra busy, preparing reports and documents ahead of a trip, in addition to mulling the usual traveler questions: where to stay, what to eat, how to arrange transportation… Beyond merely visiting the Chinese business world and talking briefly to Chinese consumers, we believe it is equally important to explore Chinese traditional culture and witness the country’s modern digital advancements. Many would agree, but the question is obvious: how do I go about doing that?

With a tightly-scheduled daily agenda, a long-haul flight to China and a whole new culture to embrace, things can be a bit overwhelming, to say the least. New questions arise along the way: what is the meaning behind the peculiar shape of the Chinese characters and is the rising and falling intonation the way Chinese people typically speak…

This frustrating mental journey is a common one for even the most experienced of business travelers. Over the course of our 23 years serving both inbound and outbound travelers, we have discovered an imperceptible yet profound need commonly shared by business travelers: the need for a mental safe place in an unfamiliar environment. Understanding this has allowed us to curate emotionally enriching yet intellectually stimulating journeys that unveil diverse facets of China, ensuring both comfort and fulfillment for our business and leisure travelers.

Secrets Behind Business Travel

Innovative Cultural Experiences

The mention of China often conjures images of its rich history, magnificent architecture and the diverse traditions of ethnic minorities. However, China offers much more than the traditional historic attractions like the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, and the Forbidden City. Beyond that lies a contemporary China, brimming with dynamism and vibrancy that simply cannot be overlooked. That’s why we craft immersive experiences that go beyond the surface, peeling back the curtain on present-day life in China for both business and leisure travelers.

Here are some ways booking with WildChina can allow you to make the most (and them some) out of your business trip:

  • Save time and gain invaluable consumer insights by following the footsteps of Gen Z.
  • Want to understand how Chinese consumers live day to day and their lives on their mobile phones? Instead of reading hefty reports, join us for a “live a day with a mobile phone in China” experience!
  • Witness behind-the-scenes of e-commerce live streaming and seize the opportunity to place an order yourself. Experience the speed of Chinese e-commerce firsthand.

Secrets Behind Business Travel

Cultural Awareness

Hosting foreign guests successfully demands more than just English language proficiency; it requires a substantial grasp of culture. For instance, if there is a request for a “Chinese style” experience, what does that really mean? Is “Chinese style” in the eyes of foreigners the same as the “Chinese style” as understood by Chinese people? For itinerary planning, it is crucial to understand the true meaning and nuances of a culture in order to represent it truly and fairly for an event. Beyond design, logistics also take an important role. Like when arranging meals, it is important to be aware of dietary restrictions such as gluten-free or halal options. With 23 years of serving inbound and outbound travelers, our team has developed a profound understanding and ability to conquer these details.

Comprehensive Support

We pride ourselves on minute attention to detail, regardless of whether it relates to business or personal life.

For example, if you are:

Facing challenges with finding the right connections…

We assist in finding the right business connections. Additionally, we invite experts to explain the current Chinese market in terms of breadth and depth.

Feeling lost about handling dietary restrictions…

When it comes to dietary restrictions, we take the lead in ensuring a seamless experience by selecting the restaurants that match the guests’ eating habits. We also provide personalized catering services that strictly adhere to specific requirements, guaranteeing the utmost safety and satisfaction of our guests.

Navigating through crowds without direction…

We provide point-to-point services, accompanied by dedicated personnel who offer unwavering assistance throughout every departure and arrival. Every member of our team is like a living map, guiding you through parking spots, restricted areas and taking local-only-known shortcuts through small alleyways.

Seeking a sustainable and eco-friendly journey…

We are committed to practicing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, adhering to international standards and certification, and incorporating sustainable operating guidelines into our daily operations.

Memorable Experiences

Here are some experiences we organized recently:

  • A catered private dinner at the Great Wall.

a private dinner at the Great Wall

  • A surprise Beijing Opera performance during a private courtyard dinner. Our team rehearsed the actors appearance multiple times, paying attention to the smallest details, down to the speed at which the waiters opened and closed the doors.

Beijing Opera performance during a private courtyard dinner

We don’t just create experiences; we create WOW moments. With meticulous attention to detail, our team goes above and beyond to craft moments that leave a lasting impression.