We are passionate about connecting people, breeding innovation, building communities, and sparking change.

For the past ten years, we’ve specialized in designing award-winning events and team activities for groups of 10 to 1000. These are some of our remarkable projects

Corporate Retreat in the Desert

First-of-its-kind corporate retreat in the desert

  • Transformed an uninhabited desert into a tented carnival
  • 700-person attendance including featuring an evening concert amid the dunes
  • Themed around rekindling the essence of the Silk Road, fostering cross-cultural human to human connections

China Board Meetings

Meticulously planned meetings, seminars and receptions held across China

  • Provided end-to-end services including sourcing expert speakers
  • Arranged all transportation, flights and lodging arrangements across China
  • Provided exclusive receptions in three-Michelin-star restaurants and at the ambassador’s residence

Immersive Modern China Program

An immersive day-in-the-live program aimed to give first-person understanding of modern China

  • Design a gamified program based on the trendy topics in China, such as e-commerce, digitalization, social media and etc.
  • Combining China market visit with our gamified Chinese Gen Z immersion program
  • Special tailored schedule for spending the day with only a smartphone, from getting a taxi to ordering meals and paying on phone.

Leadership Training 

Cutting-edge leadership programs blended with unique on-site experiences

  • Using nature as a stimulus, provided leaders with multi-dimensional awareness through diverse and authentic thematic situations and experiential learning methods
  • Led by professional trainers and experts
  • Accessed invite-only programs

Study Abroad Trip

A study abroad trip in the UK led by a Tsinghua Professor

  • Designed a gamified Gen Z program based on trending topics in China, such as e-commerce, digitalization and social media
  • Curated unique experiences to show what the Chinese market really looks like day to day
  • Tailored an itinerary to give hands-on experience to what a day with only a smartphone in China is really like – from getting a taxi to ordering meals tp paying by QR code

Wild Glamping Retreat

An exclusive retreat for a company’s top clients, dubbed a “once in a lifetime” experience

  • Established a 100% solar-powered campsite featuring luxury Tibetan-style tents and Tibetan tangkas (scripture paintings)
  • Exclusive attendance of the Yushu Horse Festival
  • Partook in local temple ceremonies including a meet-and-greet with a living Lama

Art Collectors Program

A special art trip designed for the Center Pompidou, featuring exclusive appointments with China’s most famous artists

  • Designed and implemented the Center Pompidou Shanghai branch grand opening
  • Visited Chinese art galleries and met with famous Chinese artists
  • Hosted a private cruise dinner on the Huangpu River while enjoying the beautiful night view of the Bund

Global CVmpany’s China Office and Site visits

Office and stie visits in Beijing for a company’s executives to learn more about Chinese culture and production

  • Visited  the  company’s construction site
  • Explored a modern Chinese supermarket to learn and experience the real China and everyday Chinese life
  • Arranged a gala dining experience featuring a private Sichuan Opera performance
  • Acquired VIP access for a night tour of the Temple of Heaven

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