Aki Yang

Aki Yang, at the helm of WildChina’s Shanghai Office and co-leading Corporate Services with a specialization in creative program design, is a Shanghai native with a rich professional background. Her journey began at Unilever, where she excelled as a marketing management trainee, focusing on brand marketing and project management. Aki’s commitment to continuous growth led her to a transformative gap year, auditing classes alongside full-time MBA students at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. With an impressive global footprint, Aki has explored all seven continents and visited 36 countries, enriching her approach to crafting innovative travel experiences.

MJ Wang

MJ Wang, a Director at WildChina and co-leader of Corporate Services in Beijing brings over a decade of invaluable event management expertise to the team. His adept problem-solving, creativity, and flexibility have consistently delivered unique and memorable corporate programs for clients. Mr. Wang is a trailblazer in the industry, having organized pioneering large-scale conferences and evening galas in unconventional locations like Kashgar, Lhasa, and Hulunbuir. His clientele primarily includes prestigious consulting firms and private equity firms, catering to their leadership, board, LP/investor, and customer meetings. Known for his commitment to innovation and excellence, Mr. Wang has held key roles in event management, including BD Director at Chin-Ease Corp and an executive assistant at PWC. Beyond his professional accomplishments, he serves as the Executive Director of Chi Fan For Charity, a prominent Beijing-based charity organization, where he has raised over eight million CNY for various causes across China. Guided by the belief that “You only live once, make it count,” MJ Wang exemplifies a passion for impactful work and philanthropy.

Christine Xu

Christine Xu, hailing from Inner Mongolia, has been an integral part of WildChina since 2007. Specializing in group travel across China, Christine has curated exceptional experiences and programs for globally renowned institutions and universities.Her extensive travels throughout China, coupled with a passion for photography, allow her to capture the beauty of every moment during our programs and her personal explorations. Christine’s dedication to showcasing the essence of travel through her lens adds a unique and captivating perspective to the WildChina team.

Kevin Chen

Kevin, a seasoned senior project manager at WildChina, specializes in the inbound Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) market. Holding a degree in finance from French Public University, Kevin’s career trajectory shifted significantly due to his passion for travel. After dedicating seven years to EXO Travel, he joined WildChina in 2021. Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing epidemic, Kevin is committed to serving high-end customers in China and eagerly anticipates the recovery of the inbound market.

Ella Liu

Ella holds a Master’s in Human Resource Management and boasts extensive overseas study and HR expertise, specializing in the fusion of product design with corporate culture and talent development. Prior to joining WildChina, she contributed her skills to a Fortune 500 automotive company and a leading international airline. Beyond her professional pursuits, Ella is an avid traveler, having explored over 30 countries, finding joy in discovering the world’s beauty. Additionally, she is a dedicated public welfare practitioner, dedicating a decade to charitable endeavors, including a project in Ghana, Africa. Driven by ideals, passion, and compassion, Ella is eager to craft diverse and stylish activity experiences for WildChina’s customers.

Shelly Wu

Shelly Wu is a graduate of East China University of Political Science and Law. She’s worked for a Fortune 500 tourism group before joining WildChina. A native of Shanghai, she enjoys spending weekends and holidays taking her son to explore popular museums, art galleries, and parks.

With over 12 years of expertise in the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) industry, Shelly brings forth robust skills and a discerning acumen. This enables her to offer professional services to clients spanning a wide array of sectors, including but not limited to automobile, finance, medical, IT, fashion, associations, universities, FMCG, luxury brands, and beyond. Shelly has successfully managed large-scale events hosting over 7,000 attendees in Hong Kong and has overseen the execution of more than 200 event projects.

Eli Tchoudjinoff

With 18 years of extensive experience in branding, marketing, event management, and editorial roles, Eli has made significant contributions to various organizations. Beginning her career in Beijing, she played a crucial role in aligning branding efforts at the American Chamber of Commerce. Later, at ASC Fine Wines, she led the Beijing design team and orchestrated a remarkable wine dinner on the Great Wall of China.

In her tenure with TradeWinds in the UK, Eli focused on event marketing across 10+ countries, played a key role in launching the Shipowners Forum, and oversaw TradeWinds’ 25th Anniversary branding. Her time at the Baltic Exchange in London involved streamlining marketing, consolidating brand assets, and organizing numerous global events post-merger with the Singapore Exchange. Eli also co-founded the Chinese Shipping Association in London, contributing to successful partnerships and establishing the society as a registered entity.

Eli’s wealth of experience and global perspective position WildChina Corporate Services to expand successfully into heavy industry.

Jojo Ren

Jojo Ren brings over five years of expertise in communication and marketing within the dynamic realms of the fashion and luxury industry.

Her professional journey commenced at Hill and Knowlton Strategies Beijing in 2019, where she played a pivotal role in PR and event management for Rolex, orchestrating annual Baselworld media preview events in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu. Subsequently, Jojo transitioned to FARFETCH, contributing to an integrated communication strategy for luxury and fashion brands like Harrods, Moon Boot, and David Yurman. Proficient in both offline and online collaborations, she excels in seamlessly managing creative brand launches in China.

Jojo holds a Master’s degree in Fashion Marketing and Branding from the University of Southampton. Her noteworthy dissertation, showcased at the 2019 Global Fashion Management Conference in Paris, underscores her scholarly contributions to the field.

Alva Chen

Alva is a dedicated specialist at WildChina Corporate Services, bringing nearly six years of experience in the dynamic tourism industry. Despite facing ups and downs, she ventured out and ultimately returned to the enriching embrace of tourism. Joining WildChina Corporate Services has allowed Alva to connect with a group of innovative individuals, witness inspiring ideas, and continue her commitment to making authentic and impactful contributions to the field.

Kathy Tu

Kathy, a Wuhan native, commenced her college journey as an English major in Jinan, delving into the realms of English language and literature to enhance her understanding of the Anglo-American cultural landscape. Her relocation for studies marked the first instance she spent more than a month away from her hometown.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Kathy’s commitment to knowledge-sharing and skill development is exemplified through her engagement in personal tutoring. This dedication seamlessly extends to her internship at WildChina Education, where she adeptly integrates her passion for education and tourism.