From the bustling streets, to the powerhouse economy, to the food and people behind the scenes.

We offer executives and investors the opportunity to journey China and examine the multi-faceted country in-person. We belive the best way to get a true feel for a place is to see it the way the locals do, the way our team does.

After a field trip with us, you will leave with a broader, more authentic perspective that will aid in China-related business decisions and open the door for future opportunities.

Customer Immersion

mmerse in the opportunity to cross cultures and live a day in the life of a Chinese consumer. To do this, you will be required to complete a list of activities and experiences that are most representative of Chinese consumerism.

A choice of different consumer archetypes will be given, including Millennials, Gen-X, retirees from tier 1 and 2 cities or rural areas. This activity also has the ability to be gamified into a team-building activity and with real-life interaction between participants and the China target segment.

Company Visits / Science Parks

Take your company on a visit of one of China’s iconic corporate campuses or science parks.

You’ll have the opportunity to test out latest protypes and engage in ongoing ground-breaking discussions.

Roundtable Discussions / Engagement with Professionals

Connect with inspiring innovators, experts, academics, consultants: the people who matter to your company will share their experience and best practices.

Complete the day with reflection sessions led by industry consultants to share insights, foster creative thinking and stimulate new ideas.

Rural Service Projects

Explore rural China through learning and involvement in community service projects.

Meet with officials and on-the-ground workers to learn about China’s poverty alleviation efforts and how success in a project like this impacts China’s population, ecology, climate-control, and industrial and urban planning policies.

Executives from a FMCG company

Gen-Z 1-Day Immersion Program

Different Locations

Each team partnered with a Gen-Z consumer to complete the following activities

  • Gen-Z “killer” product identification: explored millennial malls
  • Online gaming: immersend in new age entertainment
  • New Retail: sold products directly on social media platforms, bypassing all intermediaries
  • Gamification: dined in a tech-driven, gamified restaurant, while simultaneously partaking in a mystery murder
  • Pyjama-themed night club to end the night
Consulting firm

Immersive Program



Activities that highlight “Factory of the World” theme   

  • Company visits:
    Huawei, Tencent, and BYD: Electronics, tech and manufacturing 
  • Makers culture:
    Visited largest electronic components market.  Team building activity to shop for components and self-build a drone to highlight the makers culture
  • Da Fen Village:
    Largest production of replicable artwork followed by dinner with artists
  • Company visit:
    World’s largest genetic research center
Private Equity Firm

Field Trips for LP Meeting

Shandong, Henan, Inner Mongolia

Company visits followed by discussion and reflection sessions structured along the following themes:

  • Clean Energy in Shandong
  • Industry 4.0 in Henan
  • Food Experiences in Inner Mongolia
Consulting firm

Immersive Program


Company visits and expert discussions in Beijing

  • Experienced first-hand crowd-sharing economy:
    Logistics via crowd-sharing. Crowd-sharing buses and bikes.
  • New retail & O2O revolution:
    Team building game where all participants completed certain tasks that exposed China retail concepts. Visited tech-enabled retail stores and observed payment innovation to understand the full potential of e-commerce and digital marketing trends
  • Roundtable at Zhongguancun:
    The Chinese silicon valley where talent and money come together.  Today, there are over 60 tech unicorns in Beijing
Professional association (Young President’s Organization)

Quarterly Retreats


Company visits and expert discussions:

  • Visited aspiring e-scooter and e-car company manufacturing sites followed by roundtable discussions with experts
  • Visited Changsha, the heart of China’s entertainment industry, and organized visits to production houses followed by discussions with executives and actors
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