Besides the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and the Terracotta Warriors, what else is interesting in China travel?

In May, the WildChina team attended the globally renowned IMEX exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany (one of the most important events in MICE) where we introduced innovative inbound and business travel experiences in China.

We wanted to show our global partners that China offers more than the classic Forbidden City, Great Wall, and Terracotta Warriors. It has so much more to see and do – world-renowned wineries, natural wonders, contemporary art, advanced mobile living, convenient digital payments, fast growing EV industry, and an exciting new consumer market – to name just a few.

Premium Chinese Wine Tasting Event by WildChina

WildChina’s IMEX, Frankfurt “Premium Chinese Wine Tasting Event”

To demonstrate this, we hosted a wine tasting event during IMEX, featuring over 14 bottles of Chinese wine and beer. The turnout was amazing. Even participants from renowned wine regions like Italy and South Africa were impressed by Chinese wines we were sharing out.

WildChina is supporting many wineries in the Ningxia region by organizing wine programs that visit various vineyards. Recently, we were nominated for 2024’s Best Travel Operator in the Wine Travel Awards, making it to the final five, with stiff competition from operators in well-known wine regions like Spain, France, Sweden, and Moldova.

WildChina Corporate Services and WildMongolia are booth at IMEX

While premium Chinese wine is certainly a noteworthy discovery, it’s just one facet of the myriad experiences awaiting travelers to China. A travel agent from a Brazilian organization said to us, “So many new things are happening in China! Like, Hema’s new retail model and e-commerce deliveries that arrive same-day — these are things we just don’t have in Brazil! Indeed, our clients who’ve visited China since the borders reopened share the same excitement about its dynamic advancements.

Redefining Travel Experiences in China

After the reopening of China’s borders, the first groups eager to return were those with business ties to China. Over the past year and a half, we have hosted numerous global executives, showcasing traditional cultures, and highlighting recent changes and emerging trends in the Chinese market.

To explain the nuances of China’s market to the world, WildChina has developed a series of custom programs. One, called “A Day with a Smartphone,” offers an immersive experience into China’s mobile ecosystem, showcasing how businesses thrive in a mobile-centric world. Guided by a map, participants embark on an engaging journey through various city locations in a game-like format with tasks and hints along the way. This experience immerses guests in China’s digital landscape, revealing how locals navigate daily life without cards or cash, relying solely on their mobile phones.

In another program we developed, we collaborated with experts to gamify visits to innovative retail districts guided by Gen Z, enabling our clients to understand this emerging consumer group and how they behave in China.

A day with a Smartphone Experience - WildChina Corporate Services

Even though these topics have been covered in the media before, what is new is the immersive nature of our program and experiential product design.   We go to the field and let our clients experience all these new trends first-hand, immersing them directly in the dynamic and evolving landscape of China. In some cases, we even transform these experiences into gamified activities, creating engaging and interactive team-building experiences. This hands-on approach not only makes the learning process enjoyable but also ensures that our clients gain practical, real-world insights into the trends shaping modern China.

Journeying Beyond the Famous Landmarks

With promising news of new visa-free policies, constantly expanding new flight routes and accelerated solutions to international visitors using China’s mobile payment apps, alongside continued investment in inbound tourism from various cultural and tourism sectors worldwide, we are eager to welcome international travelers back to China.

As one of the earliest pioneers of high-end inbound experiential travel in China, we have always been dedicated to breaking stereotypes. With our deep understanding of China, we not only help the world get to know China on an intimate level, but we also bring China closer to the rest of the world.

Pine mushrooms in Yunnan - WildChina Corporate Services

Our itineraries now include venturing to farmers’ markets in Yunnan in search of the freshest foraged mushrooms, cheering for winners at a 300-year-old horse racing festival on the grasslands of western Sichuan, walking ancient trails to discover China’s far-flung cultures and histories, and even embarking on a newly developed herpetological expedition led by experts to search for China’s rarest snakes.

Through sharing diverse stories, we showcase the authentic China, the one we know and love. And, over 24 years in business, as the global landscape has continuously evolved, so have our narratives. China is more than just the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and giant pandas. While these landmarks continue to entice foreign visitors, we believe there are deeper narratives waiting to be discovered—they just need someone to share them.

Written by Aki Yang