In 2023, WildChina’s corporate team received a  request from a client in the high fashion industry to create an immersive storyline introducing Chinese culture to their visiting global team who had minimal prior exposure to Chinese culture and history. With Beijing chosen as the locale, we thought, what better place than the hutongs (narrow alleyway neighborhoods that date back centuries) to serve as a backdrop to a gamified dive into the rich cultural tapestry of China.  Stepping into the hutongs is a sojourn into the heart of traditional Beijing, where daily life unfolds against a thriving landscape of vibrant local markets, quaint shops offering handicrafts and culinary delicacies, neighbors practicing tai chi or idling on a curb, sipping aromatic tea. In some corners, these ancient alleyways have even metamorphosed into trendy hubs housing art galleries, hip coffee shops and craft breweries, blending old with new.   

Here is how the program unfolded: 

Our narrative began with a sensory feast at Qing Yung Lou, a lakeside eatery boasting a legacy of 195 years. Here, guests not only savored delectable traditional dishes crafted from historical recipes but also rolled up their sleeves to try their hand at the art of crafting Chinese dumplings. 

Traditional dumpling making at the renowned Qing Yung Lou

Following a division, the participants formed smaller teams and engaged in a journey to complete several tasks spread throughout the hutong area. These activities acted as gateways to Chinese culture and history, combining game-like experiences with genuine interactions. The diverse challenges aimed to involve the participants in Chinese cultural and historical aspects through various activities, such as learning Chinese calligraphy, engaging in traditional crafts, acquiring woodworking skills, and participating in a brief language lesson in Chinese phrases and greetings.

Identifying antique objects

At the successful completion of each task, the teams were awarded points in the form of coins, which they could then spend to purchase special tea or snacks during the Chinese tea ceremony break. 

The day concluded with a brief hike up Jingshan Park in the heart of Beijing. The coins, tallied, translated into victory points, unveiling the champions of this gamified odyssey. 

Beyond simply walking the ancient alleyways, our gamified Beijing hutong tour was more than just a scenic adventure—it became a conduit for a richer connection, closing the gap between the participants and the essence of Chinese culture. It fostered camaraderie, celebrated shared triumphs, and created memories that will linger beyond the boundaries of time and space. As our guests earned coins, they didn’t just collect points; they crafted an experience that went beneath the surface—a journey of discovery woven into the very fabric of Beijing’s timeless hutongs. 

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