The popularity of hanfu, the traditional attire of ancient Han Chinese, is growing among young people. And as such, some of our clients are now seeking immersive hanfu-themed experiences. Recently, we organized a remarkable hanfu-themed party at the Wang Mansion in Shanxi province. This area, once the financial capital of imperial China, served as the perfect backdrop for our event. Participants adorned in traditional hanfu attire immersed themselves in a world reminiscent of ancient times with bustling marketplaces, traditional games, and vibrant bazaars.

Traditional Chinese Clothing - Hanfu
Traditional Chinese Clothing - Hanfu 02

The trend of wearing traditional Chinese clothing, hanfu, has exploded across China. A 2022 report revealed an impressive 10.2 million hanfu customers in mainland China. People are drawn to hanfu for its connection to Chinese culture, its aesthetic appeal, and its photogenic qualities for social media. It has also spurred economic growth, with 40% of all hanfu now produced in Caoxian, Shandong province, creating jobs for over 100,000 people and generating a staggering US$2 billion in revenue.

As fashion trends evolve, our corporate events adapt too, reflecting our clients’ growing interest in Chinese history and culture. We can’t keep our eyes of our beautiful Aki Yang, Christine Xu, Lucy Liu and others.

Traditional Chinese Clothing - Hanfu 03