Jade holds a revered place in China’s cultural heritage, symbolizing purity, protection and prosperity. What’s fascinating is that jade jewelry and decorations aren’t confined to museum displays, instead, they continue to be highly valued and purchased by a diverse range of individuals, from humble students to the country’s most affluent people. Notably, the highest-priced jadeite jewelry ever sold was a necklace auctioned at Sotheby’s Hong Kong in 2014, fetching HK$214 million and still holding the world record for jadeite jewelry in auctions.

One of our international clients was interested in learning more about jade in China, so we curated an exclusive jade experience at a private museum for them. Participants visited a renowned jade artist’s exhibition and then met the artist in person. He introduced them to jade’s history and symbolism, and explained its lasting appeal in China. The experience concluded with a hands-on workshop, providing a firsthand connection to this ancient art form.

China from the Field: The jade artist’s exhibition