We’ve been receiving an increasing number of inquiries from the shipping sector, signaling continuous interest in China from overseas shipping services.

In the first eight months of 2023, China captured more than 60% of global new ship orders. This includes advanced vessels like Ro-ro and LNG carriers. The main reason for this surge is the easy access to all needed parts for construction within the Yangtze River Delta region alone. This simplified supply chain cuts logistics and storage costs, making China an attractive hub for building ships.

At WildChina Corporate Services, we’re excited to assist our clients in China’s vibrant shipowning and shipbuilding industries. We’re ready to help as new vessels are launched and hospitality services are needed at christening ceremonies. With experts like our consultant Elisabeth Tchou on board, who has extensive maritime experience, we’re committed to delivering special moments for the shipping community.

China from the Field: Shipbuilding in China Continues to Grow