China’s entertainment scene is undergoing transformation, with an increasing array of immersive experiences captivating audiences nationwide. One such phenomenon gaining immense popularity is script murder—an intriguing blend of role-playing and mystery-solving that transports participants into a world of suspense and intrigue.

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Over recent decades, China’s script murder industry has experienced rapid growth, offering consumers an escape from their mundane daily routines. With a market value exceeding US$2.5 billion and continuing to expand, script murder games have become a significant part of China’s leisure landscape. In Shanghai, approximately 1,500 venues host these immersive experiences, catering to a diverse audience eager for thrills and excitement.

At WildChina, we remain at the forefront of this trend, partnering with iconic venues like the Fairmont Peace Hotel hotel to deliver unforgettable mystery murder events. Our latest venture takes participants back in time to the nationalist era, as they unravel a gripping murder mystery set in the historic Peace Hall, Shanghai’s renowned ballroom. For many attendees, it’s not just a game—it’s an opportunity to immerse themselves in the glamour of Shanghai’s 1930s, complete with era-appropriate attire and ambiance.

As the industry rapidly evolves, WildChina remains dedicated to leading the way by embracing the latest trends and crafting distinctive, meaningful experiences that deeply resonate with our audience.

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