Many of our clients are increasingly interested in China’s e-commerce livestreaming industry, where innovation and entertainment collide! We’ve brought some of our intrigued guests to visit livestreaming parks, where over 100 recording rooms buzz with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and hosts presenting a wide range of products in the most creative ways.

In 2023, the live streaming e-commerce market in China surged to approximately 4.92 trillion yuan, doubling from its 2021 figure of 2.27 trillion yuan. This transformation significantly impacted the retail landscape, accounting for 25% of the total online shopping GMV in 2023. With such growth, it’s evident that this trend is here to stay. Businesses are competing by exploring new innovative solutions, such as integrating artificial intelligence similar to ChatGPT and digitally created human hosts.

Although livestreaming e-commerce may be less familiar to Western audiences, Western executives are becoming increasingly interested in this innovative trend and the potential opportunities it presents. Some of our clients have even taken on hosting roles themselves to directly experience this phenomenon.

China from the Field: Livestreaming and KOLs industry