Our international guests have expressed repeated surprise on finding robots roaming their hotel corridors. For the team based here in China, however, this is no longer a novelty, instead becoming the norm.

These robots are found in many hotels, even more budget ones, and are commonly used to deliver items, like food deliveries, to guest rooms. Here’s how they work: items are placed directly inside a container within the robot, and the hotel room number is manually input on the robot’s digital screen.
Once programmed, the robot autonomously navigates to the designated room (it is even able to call, board, and select the correct floor in the elevator). When it arrives outside the guest’s room, it makes a phone call to the room’s landline, informing the guest that their delivery has arrived. The guest then opens the door and removes their delivery from the robot’s compartment.

The blend of convenience and innovation that these delivery robots bring to hotels is quickly revolutionizing hospitality services in China.

At the forefront of these hotel robots is Jingwu Robotics, a start-up from 2019 that kick started the concept, creating their own cloud platform and, of course, some revolutionary algorithms. In particular, one that calculates the robots’ route of travel through the hotels, with an astounding accuracy rate of 99.8%.

A special thank you to our Director of Marketing, Kendra Tombolato, for this video she filmed on a recent business trip in Beijing.