Recently, our clients have been eager to experience the China COMAC C919 jet for their intercity travel. After a monumental 15-year endeavor and an investment ranging from $50 billion to $70 billion, China’s first domestically built aircraft the C919 jet, has taken to the commercial skies in 2023. Competing with industry giants like the Boeing 737 MAX and Airbus A320 family, the C919 offers a fresh perspective on intercity travel.

China's c919 jet

Our customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The aircraft’s remarkably quiet ambiance, with noise levels consistently hovering between 72 dB to 78 dB, has been a standout feature. Additionally, the interiors, adorned with adjustable ceiling lights and earth-toned seats and carpeting, create an inviting and harmonious environment that enhances the overall travel experience.

Today, China Eastern Airlines Global operates four C919 jets with an additional 100 orders in the pipeline. For our guests today, flying the C919 is not just about reaching one’s destination—it’s an opportunity to witness China’s unwavering engineering commitment and its emergence onto the global aviation stage.

As part of their program in China, we can arrange for our clients to book a flight on the C919 from Beijing to Shanghai, providing them with a unique experience of China’s cutting-edge aviation technology.