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More Than Just Events

We believe events are so much more than parties and conferences; events connect people, breed innovation, build communities and spark change.


Telling Your Story

We become an extension of your organization with the purpose to deliver your brand’s unique identity and corporate values.


Memorable Experiences

Through creative thinking, strategic solutions and the power of imagination we work to create memorable experiences.

We design, plan, and manage every project from conception to execution.

Together with our clients, we create something life-changing.

We Create Extraordinary Events


WildChina’s events bridge the gap between China and the rest of the world.

We are passionate about connecting people, fostering innovation, building communities and igniting change.

China Experts

Based on-site in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong and Chengdu our team of specialists are China born and bred. Hailing from all corners of China, and bringing a diversity of background and influence to our innovation, our people are what make our company a success. Meet our talented team.

We have a strong base with 20+ years of experience giving us the best network access in China.


To do this, we take the time to learn about your company background, and missions.

We envision ourselves as an extension of your team. From the initial sourcing of venues, accommodation, interpreters, and speakers, to the delivery of the event itself and the post-event debriefing.

Flawless Execution

Behind the theaterand magic of your corporate experience, we are all business. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of program management, excellence and integrity.

We challenge ourselves to think differently, to execute the impossible.

We Work with A Range of Leading Experts

We work with acclaimed international experts to craft unique, compelling journeys through the areas of their greatest passion and expertise. We travel alongside distinguished authors, record-breaking pioneers, and celebrated scholars to create a journey for all the senses.

Diana Chan Chieng


Diana Chan Chieng is known worldwide as an Architecture Expert, both in traditional and contemporary Chinese architecture.

Diana hosted the first Chinese contemporary architecture exhibition in Paris with the association she created, A3: Architecture and Art. Settling in Beijing in 1992, Diana organized the “Infinite FLAT” project constructing 10 signature apartments in Beijing’s Phoenix City designed by 10 internationally-renowned creators.

Diana continued to form conferences in metropolitan cities worldwide and was awarded the “Ordre des Arts et Lettres” by the French Ministry of Culture for her work on the French Embassy in Beijing. An architecture addict, Diana has served as a consultant for various, prestigious institutions in Beijing to continue her work in the field of architecture.

Dvir Bargal


WildChina’s Jewish Expert, Dvir Bargal is a long-time Shanghai resident as well as a celebrated journalist and documentary filmmaker. Dedicating much of his life to rediscovering Shanghai’s Jewish history, his articles and documentaries depict Judaism from the Silk Road to the Middle East.

Dvir has spent the last 15 years locating and storing Jewish graves scattered around Shanghai’s Jewish Quarter. His previous professional work on the subject and his passion for the history of religion have driven him to organize many of the Jewish Quarter’s conservation projects.

Still fascinated by the religious influence in Shanghai, Dvir continues to submit articles to both international and China-based magazines regarding the significant Jewish history of/in Shanghai.

Students will be taught about the basics of China’s big social media platforms (Weibo, WeChat, Douyin) and how social media centered businesses are changing the landscape of online commerce in China. Students participating will participate in a workshop and lecture about how the China of the future is acutely different from the China of the past.

Jeff Fuchs


“The ‘adventure’ aspect, the actual doing and grinding away over terrains and through communities gives one insights that no book or theory can.”

Jeff Fuchs is an explorer, author, and tea expert who was recently voted one of Canada’s ‘Greatest Explorers’ by the Royal Canadian Geographic Society. Fuchs was the first documented westerner to have travelled the legendary Tea Horse Road, the nomadic Route of Salt ‘Tsa-Lam’, and the ‘Hor-Lam’, the Route of Pashmina through Ladakh. He has led or been a part of over 30 expeditions in the Himalayas, chronicling both the fading oral narratives and the declining ‘Himalayan Water Towers’, the glaciers.

Fuchs is the author of The Ancient Tea Horse Road, a chronicle of his journey along the Himalayan trade route and he’s the inspiration for, and host of, the recent award-winning documentary ‘The Tea Explorer’.

We Make Experiences Exceptional

Our journeys take you beyond the path well trodden. With access to restricted areas and world-renowned expert guides, we help you experience a side of China that few have the privilege to see.

Forbidden City

Have a private tour of areas of the Forbidden City usually off limits to the public, alongside Diana Chan Chien, known worldwide as an expert in both in traditional and contemporary Chinese architecture.

Temple of Heaven

Wake up to a spiritual and physical journey with a taichi master in the Temple of Heaven or explore the grounds in the evening after closing hours.

Great Wall of China

Enjoy a reception, dinner, or champagne picnic on a private area of the Great Wall. Or, take in one of the greatest man-made structures from above, from the comfort of a private helicopter.

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